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About Us

Founded by a seasoned Medical Doctor with extensive research and medical experience, Allhealthfit1 embodies a deep-seated passion for helping others, a mission we have been dedicated to for over 20 years.


Our founder’s journey in medicine and research is not just a profession but a lifelong commitment to understanding and improving health, wellness, and physical fitness.

At Allhealthfit1, we believe that knowledge is the key to a healthier life.


Our approach is rooted in the latest scientific research, combined with practical, real-world experience to offer advice that is both trustworthy and applicable. We integrate this knowledge to focus not only on medical health but also on physical fitness and strength, understanding that a holistic approach is essential for true wellness.









In health and wellness,

M.DiCarlo M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.  


A Woman's Peaceful Jog Along the Shoreline"

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